Help children all over the world to smile!

Project Picture Day is calling all innovative and compassionate organizations and individuals to give children the gift of self-confidence and the inspiration to follow their dreams.

PPD is unique because we focus on the emotional needs of children. While food, shelter and safety are absolute necessities, children also need emotional support and inspiration to learn and grow to their full potential.

Partnering with PPD means making school picture days a reality for children growing up in low-income communities. The picture days provide children with so much more than a photo. They give children a reminder of their value and empower them to reach their dreams.

How can you help?

We are open to your creative solutions! To give some examples, Jericho Middle School held a fundraiser called Cupcake Wars which involved a cupcake contest with proceeds going to PPD. This effort rose over S1,600! Hennigan’s Bar in Point Lookout, Long Island raised just under $1,000 with a comedy night fundraiser.

Do you have any ideas? Want to be a part of this fun and inspiring process? Contact us for more information.

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