After the Hurricane, Moving Forward in Haiti

Project Picture Day was saddened to hear about the destruction of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, especially because it hit close to home. The eye of the hurricane was only 35 miles west of Ile-A-Vache, the island PPD visited and will return to on November 13th.

“It was just last year, the team was on the beautiful island of Ile-A-Vache and it’s incredibly sad to discover how the recent hurricane has impacted Haiti. Although nature can be unforgivable, I know firsthand just how strong and resilient the people of Haiti are. They will persevere, they will come back from this like they always do,” said Co-Founder and President Jules Alonzo.


Hurricane Matthew destroyed homes, villages, and cut off transportation and power in Haiti. The death toll is estimated to be over 1,000, including the cholera victims, as the hurricane accelerated the outbreak on the island. It is difficult to believe that all this tragedy occurred only six years after the devastating earthquake.

You can view photos of the hurricane’s impacts on the island from CNN and The Guardian.

Yet the only way to move is forward. The UN, USAID, and many NGOs are providing disaster relief. Read about how to help Haiti through donations, supplies and volunteering here and here.


“PPD will continue to provide positive experiences to Ile-A-Vache and the people of Haiti, because even when life isn’t perfect you can always choose where to focus. Our thoughts and prayers are with Haiti,” said Jules. Now, maybe more than ever, children in Haiti need self-confidence, positivity, and inspiration. Project Picture Day hopes to bring these things to the schools in Ile-A-Vache in November.

 Written by: Mary Donovan







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